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The definition of “Referral” set by Bitazza Co., Ltd. (“Company”) are hereby referred to those also known as the introducing broker agent or the referrer who recommend lists of customer or contact and and/or persuade any persons/referee to use services related to the digital asset business with the company, especially those services related to the company's digital tokens1 only.

Rules for Bitazza’s Referral Program
1. The referrer shall refer friends/referees to register Bitazza account under the following scope of rules and conditions only.
2. The referrer shall:
- recommend lists of customer or contact and persuade any persons/referee to use services related to the digital asset business with the company, especially those services related to the company's digital tokens only.
- not set the daily trading limit or approve the opening of an account for using services with the company
- not give direction on digital asset investment to the referee
- not take or execute trading order from the referee or other users
- not keep or manage other user's digital assets.
3. Any information regarding the company to the referee, such as information about applications for trading with Bitazza, etc., must be official information or disclosed from the official source of the company and align with the company's terms of use.
4. The use of a company's trademark without the company's consent is strictly prohibited.
5. The company reserves the right to participate in this program only for referrers who have passed their account verification on the Bitazza platform, in which the referrer will receive a Referral link after the referee passes an account verification.
6. The referrer will earn a shared bonus of the trading fee from the referee after your referee has successfully traded a Digital Token. The percentage share will be based on the Bitazza Levels received by the referrer on the day your referee successfully traded. Please check the share ratio at the Link
7. Duration : valid until further notice for the Referral benefits that link with Bitazza Levels. However, for additional Referral benefits from partners or the additional activities and various campaigns, the deadline will vary based on each campaign under the additional conditions provided by Bitazza and the respective partners.
8. The Company reserves the right to change/update terms and conditions without prior notice.
9. In the case where there are reasonable grounds to believe that you do not perform your duties in accordance with the scope and conditions set by the company after the Referral program was activated, the Company shall reserve the right to access certain necessary information or request additional clarification in order to further investigate your performance as you deem appropriate.

In the event that the results of the inspection reveal that the duties were performed incorrectly or failed to comply with the conditions above, the referee shall agree to correct them as informed in writing within a reasonable period of time. If such referrer fails to comply within the time period specified by the company, the company has the right to revoke the referrer from the program due to the failure to comply with or exceed the scope of being a customer list advisor

Each party shall be responsible for the payment of its own applicable taxes. Neither party shall be liable for the other party’s taxes unless otherwise expressly agreed. The user and the Company agree that the withholding taxes shall be borne by the Company. However, the Company, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to add, alter, amend, or withdraw any of these terms and conditions without notice.

1 “Digital Token” means an electronic data unit built on an electronic system or network for the purposeof:
(1) specifying the right of a person to participate in an investment in any project or business, or
(2) specifying the right of a person to acquire specific goods, specific service, or any specific other right under an agreement between the issuer and the holder, and shall include any other electronic data units of right as specified in the notification of the SEC.